SDCC Justice League Action Poster

I received some exciting mail yesterday and I didn’t have to wade through the crowds of SDCC to get it! This SDCC exclusive features Swamp Thing along with the cast of Justice League Action.

For those not keeping up with the DC animated world, Justice League Action is a kid-friendly animated series that features some of DC’s most exciting characters. Swamp Thing (voiced by THE Mark Hamill!) has joined the ranks in four episodes already and I believe more Swampy appearances are on the horizon! The show is very entertaining, whimsical, and I can’t recommend it enough.

For those in the know; Swamp Thing has a much more comprehensive dental plan than what is depicted in the JLAction series. And, Supergirl has a nose in real life. Booster Gold is really that gold in person. This much, we know.

In related Swampy news, be sure to check out Batman and Harley Quinn, the animated movie; out this Monday, August 14th! Swamp Thing will be making an appearance along with Plantmaster (Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man/Floro)! I can not wait to see Floronic Man in action. Along with Swamp Thing, Floronic Man and Poison Ivy are favorites of mine. I’ve not found footage of Swamp Thing yet but what I’ve seen of Floronic Man, he isn’t his typical mad scientist, wild-eyed self. He looks to be s much stronger and sane villain.

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