DC Bombshells 33

I’m having a tough time keeping the ST pull list updated with all of the recent Swamp Thing appearances. Not a bad problem to have for us muck maniacs. This week, DC’s Bombshells, “The Seige of Leningrad” came to a conclusion. Numerous plot points were woven together and written quite beautifully. From the strife and termoil within the storyline grew an uplifting message. Since I’ve only been reading the issues that feature Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy, I’m looking forward to circling back and fill in the gaps of what I’ve been missing out on.

I’m happy to announce, that after 3 issues of single panel appearances, Swamp Thing has been upgraded to multi-panel status! When I started reading the book last night, I did think that this first page could surely be the only panel he’d appear in; still wrestling with those damn tanks.

“Swamp Thing, the most reliable Nazi ass-kicking character in the DCUs! Tanks? No problem. Villains? Gulp…” Yes! Swamp Thing gets to eat someone in this issue!

If you have not read this book and plan to do so, there be spoilers ahead, matey.

Raven, Zatanna, Constantine, SuperGirl, a host of heroes and creatures are at the front lines, beating back the evil put-upon the world by Hugo Strange, Joker’s Daughters, Killer Frost and numerous other villains. Killer Frost has called upon Faora Hu-Ul, who has been turned into a Doomsday-type hybrid. From what I gathered, she was created with the help of Hugo Strange. Again, I really need to go back and read the entire series to truly understand the context and appreciate the narrative more.

At the story’s crescendo, Killer Frost and Doomsday Faora need to be stopped. Swamp Thing is tasked with imprisoning Faora. He proceeds to swallow her whole.

That’s got to be tough going down. Eating a Doomsday would be like eating a punching, spiny king crab with heat vision and ice breath. No thank you

In a rare team-up, Ivy helps Swamp Thing with the digestive process.

This short Bombshells stint featuring Swamp Thing has not been flattering for his look. The pronounced pig nose and Killer Croc-looking features haven’t spoken to past ST aesthetics and feel a bit scattered, consistency wise.
And now for the wildest take this book has to offer…

The “Oops I Ate the Whole Thing” Swamp Thing action figure with sedentary articulation better make its way to market! Swamp Thing has basically become a Ghostbusters containment trap, housing Doomsday Faora, doing his part in bringing about peace.

Goofiness aside, Swampy takes one for the team, and Mother Nature saves the day once again. In a poetic kind of way, Swamp Thing becomes a dormant being for the greater good. His lifeless husk becomes an almost instant statue/beacon of hope.

It’s a beautiful moment.

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