Guinness Book of World Records 2018


A friend excitedly messaged me earlier today saying he was at his son’s school book fair. He sent the following image, tipping me off that I should go pick up the new 2018 Guinness Book of a World Records!
Swampy made the cut! Doesn’t hurt that I got in on the action as well.

The folks at Guinness let you know—during the record setting process—that you’re not guaranteed to be in, or mentioned in any of their publications. Makes sense, seeing that their are hundreds of thousands of wacky records out there. But, they also don’t let you know if you did make it in the book. So when and if you do make it in the book, it comes as a complete shock. A small blurb about my collection was in the 2017 Guinness book but this year one of my photos was included. I’m extremely proud to help put Swamp Thing out their for folks to see and get to know.

The Swamp Thing feature is part of the “Superheroes” section of the book. It’s so cool! Check out this guy’s Batman collection!

A Two-page Superheroes Timeline features notable comic characters throughout history. And look who pops up in 1971…
I need to go back and give the book a thorough read. I wouldn’t be surprised if Swampy is mentioned again. The book is full of awesome comics stuff!

2 thoughts on “Guinness Book of World Records 2018

  1. Congrats on the record, John!! Someone posted about you on a comic book group I’m a member of on Facebook.
    It looks like I’m mentioned in the book again too (I see a small blurb/picture of myself on the bottom of the Superheroes roundup page (nobody mentioned I was in this year’s book!).
    How has your collection grown since you officially got the record? I see that your record date is March 2015, that’s 2.5 years ago! Same thing happened to me between when I set my record for World’s Largest comic boom collection the first time and when I finally made it into the 2016 book.
    They do let you update your total with them (and it’s a bit easier than all the hoops you probably needed to jump through for the 1st record).
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know, because you can update your official record total with them, as I’m sure it’s grown since March 2015.
    – Bob Bretall


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