DC Playing Cards Holiday Gift

DC 2007 Holiday Playing Cards

It’s ten years old but in time for the holidays. I’m extremely excited to share this DC Holiday gift with you. I picked it up from B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Batman, JSA, and many more)!

“DC traditionally sends out a gift or gifts to their freelancers. I’ve written off and on for DC over the years, and in 2007, this was the gift. In other years, they’ve sent custom USB keys, clothes, and so on.”
-B. Clay Moore

As you well know, I’m excited to add this to my collection because Swamp Thing is on one of the cards! The ace of spades at that! …que Motörhead

The illustration depicted on the card is by Michael Zulli. His painting has appeared on TPBs, posters, ads and it even made its way into a Neil Gaiman/Alice Cooper comic as an Easter egg.

The set of playing cards features characters from DC, Vertigo, Mad Magazine and a few other DC imprints.

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