Cauldron of Fear 1 UK Fanzine

Cauldron of Fear 1 (1975)
This little U.K. Fanzine came my way a couple months back and it features an article about bayou monsters. It’s in amazing condition and is more of a square format. The size and number of pages allows for a single staple for saddle stitch binding. With all the craziness involved in putting together the Holland Files zine, it’s fun to see different methods and a smart use of resources.

“Something from the Bayou (an’it shore ain’t blue.)” discusses EC’s role in horror comic, helping to usher in and uphold the monster from the swamps trope.

The center fold features Graham  Engels, “Horror we?—How’s Bayou” from The Haunt of Fear 25.

Fan art and a full page of ST covers takes up the following two pages. Although Swamp Thing wasn’t mentioned in the article, it’s nice to see him well represented. For more info on the ST issues below, visit their corresponding links: ST 5, ST 6, ST 9, ST 10, ST 16


The Horror Hosts splash page is the coolest part of the book. It features Horror comics’ greatest, iconic, ghoulish hosts all crammed together. The smell would be something else.


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