Swamp Thing on Transformers UK

Transformers Magazine 48 UK (1986)

It’s strange to be sharing a Transformers comic but I’d been looking for this book for a few years, and it arrived this weekend! I wanted to get a hold of it because it’s titled “Swamp-Thing” and “Swamp Thing” is on the cover. Surely if “Swamp Thing” is on the cover… he’s in the book? Unfortunately not, but the book was titled to reference the greatest DC character of all time, our Swampy.

How cool is that? Swamp Thing’s popularity crosses over into Marvel and Transformers by way of a UK trade’s title. It’s worth mentioning, Transformers Magazine was a weekly UK publication that reprinted/serialized portions of Marvel’s 1984 Transformers series.  The “Dinobot Hunt” storyline was meant to help bridge the continuity gap between the US and U.K. Transformers series.
“To Slay the Swamp Thing!” is not something that occurs in the book. In fact, the story in question takes places in Littlewood, California; “Northern California… amidst redwoods, inland waterways and rivers”. The thing in the swamp is Sludge, the Dinobot.


Autobots and Decepticons are on the hunt for Sludge;  with differening methods.
The dicepticons get the drop on the autobots and capture Sludge.

The only visual reference to Swamp Thing (or any monster for that matter) is the panel below. Like so many Swamp Thing scenarios, a bruised and battered figure emerges from the murky swamp with a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Much like the images below

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