Swamp Thing Pencils!

I was floored to see these Swampy pencils up for auction last week. Primarily because I didn’t know they existed and that two were available, sealed!
Unlike the very similar Swamp Thing pencil toppers, these pencils are topped with traditional, white erasers.

It’s always exciting to find Swampy collectibles, and discover what other merchandise is out there. The number of merchandised items produced far outweighed the popularity and life of the animated series. Hopefully this year, I intend to publish a catalog of Swamp Thing collectibles, so that other fans and collectors can have a reference for the many Swamp Thing items out there. Stay tuned!


Here’s a little extra for you!
ST artist, Alfredo Alcala created the artwork for much of the early 90s Swamp Thing merchandise. Below is his artwork that was used on many of the items and the packaging above.

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