Starburst 47 (UK)

Starburst 47 (1982)

British fantasy magazine, Starburst covered the production process of Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing. A hand full of those articles can be found on Articles page.


This issue features a two-page spread, with Alan Jones reviewing the film. Jones rips the Swamp Thing film apart. He was expecting greatness, and conducts the review in an intense manor. He’s not a fan of the film and I gave his review the stink eye a few times while reading it. I’ve included the review below. I don’t disagree with everything he says but more in the way he went about it.

This review was released in July of 1982. At this time, Pasko and Yeates were in charge of the Swamp Thing title, and issue 3 would have hit newsstands the same time as this issue of Starburst.



Along with the crummy Swamp Thing review, Starburst 47 also includes a feature on The Thing, in production.



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