Elvira’s House of Mystery 5

Elvira’s House of Mystery 5 (1986)

Swamp Thing pops up in another Elvira book! This very small appearance/reference to the Swamp Thing series is pretty neat and you may miss it if not looking close enough. Swamp Thing was also referenced in Elvira’s House of Mystery 11.

Elvira provides the interstitial entertainment for a couple horror stories within the book. While she is chatting with Cain and about the stories, Swamp Thing #48 “A Murder Of Crows” can be seen more than a few times amongst her pile of comic books. The book appears twice on the page below.

The book appears three times on the page below.

Elvira even takes the time to enjoy the sophisticated suspense of issue #48!

“y’know–he looks familiar! I think I might have dated this guy!” I would not be surprised at all if Elvira and Swampy had a tryst at some point. They seem like they’d be a good couple.

This awesome ad for the Elvira fan club is in the back of the book. Her fan club membership package includes some really cool extras! The photos in the ad look like she should be partying with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground.

The last page of the book features an ad for Swamp Thing #50. For those familiar with issue #50, you’ll notice the cover in this ad differs from the cover than made its way into stores. There are a few unpublished/variations of the cover for issue #50 floating around out there.


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