Arken Sword 19

Arken Sword 19 (1986)

I’ve not posted or shared any new items in about a month and am looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. All sorts of fun stuff has been going on. Holland Files 2 successfully shipped around the world and it was more in demand this year than last, if you can believe it. I certainly didn’t. It’s a surprise and a thrill to have the opportunity to share such fun material by so many talented people. I can’t thank you all enough. Other Swampy news, but more of a personal item, I’ve made great progress on the Swamp Thing museum. I’ve turned the second floor of my house into a Swamp Thing museum and it will eventually be open to the public (by appointment only). One of the best parts of loving Swamp Thing is being able to share info with fellow ST fans. It’s the greatest feeling and the museum has been something I’ve been wanting to share for a while now. I’ll be posting pictures soon along with more info. Now, on to Arken Sword 19…

Swamp Thing is getting fresh within the British comics magazine, Arken Sword.

Like many issues of Arken Sword, this book is filled with interesting/insightful interviews, articles and great artwork. Take this Alan Davis collaboration for instance…

I tracked this issue down for the ads. Swampy pops up in two separate advertisements that play off of each other. Mike Higgs drew both of the ads, for Nostalgia & Comics and The Place. I love Higgs take on Swampy as well as the other classic comic characters.


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