Gateways 13

Gateways 13 (March 1989)

I came across this great role playing game magazine a little while back and was thrilled to find an insightful Swamp Thing article within.

Along with the Swampy related article, there are a number great RPG related articles and game scenarios, as well as awesome reader-submitted illustrations like the one below.

Forces of the Night: Dark Fantasy Returns to the DC Universe by Vincent Cocolini.

I’ve tried to provide large enough photos so that you can read the majority of the article as well. Cocolini provides a thorough recap of Swamp Thing’s history, as well as peripheral characters such as John Constantine, Black Orchid, Sandman, etc.

I can’t quite place the article’s illustration below, nor a credit citing an artist but I love it!

Although this article doesn’t provide any new info or insight into the characters, it is a strong examination of Swamp Thing and those who helped to evolve the character throughout his history.

The featured call-out on the right side of the page below references the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game from the same year (1989). The game features some fun supplemental info about Swamp Thing, as well as a Swamp Thing playing card.

this “no-holds-barred” interview with Chris Claremont sounds intense. I just wonder if it’s no-holds-barred for Claremont or fans?

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