Superman 45 & a little bit of Swamp Thing

Superman 45 (2018)
“Boyzarro Re-Death”

Technically, a little bit of Swamp Thing makes its way into this book.
The Kents are moving out of Hamilton, with Patrick Gleason and Peter J Tomasi making the event special, filling the book with tender moments and life lessons. You’ll probably recall, Gleason and Tomasi crafted the amazing Superman Annual 1 that starred Swamp Thing, released at the tail end of 2016. Well, this issue (Supes 45) ties into the annual, and we find out what became of the gift Swamp Thing gave to Superman.

I should have mentioned that the Swamp Thing appearance in this book is small; about the size of a houseplant.

As the Kents finish their packing and prepare boxes for the moving company, Lois notices an item has been overlooked.


— Flashback to Superman Annual 1 (2016) —
Before Clark & Jon plant Swampy’s gift, it’s time to revisit Superman Annual 1 (2016), when the sprout was given in the first place.
— Flashback over —

In the annual, Swampy gives a piece of himself to Superman as a gesture of solidarity. Superman, in turn, uses the flowering plant to teach his son, Jon about personal growth. It’s a touching moment within a well written story, riddled with many great lessons for the Kent boy.

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