Garbage Mag 1

Garbage Mag 1 (1985)

I found this French entertainment magazine/fanzine a little over a year ago and am excited to finally share it with you. As you can see from the cover, the book is packed with awesome interviews and articles. I’m extremely pleased with the killer content. The book had a limited run of 1,500 copies.

The table of contents features an awesome Dave Stevens (The Rocketeer) Batman sketch.

The magazine houses a couple awesome Swamp Thing features, the first being “The Swamp Thing Report”. I’m as dismayed as you are, I’m still in the process of translating (from French to English) all of the content.

“The Swamp Thing Report” features some amazing sketches by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben.

The Alan Moore Interview
In translating the book, we’ll both have to wait to read Alan Moore’s pearls of wisdom. The images below will hopefully tide you over.

The book kicks-off with an interview with Rocketeer creator, Dave Stevens. The Rocketeer is another one of my favorite characters.

The music section of the magazine features The Cramps,  Ramones and The Damned; only a few of the groups within the book that I enjoy a great deal.

A fun bonus item came with magazine when I received it. It’s a letter to subscribers from the publisher. I still need to get it translated into English and start my subscription. Note: Garbage Mag has not been in publication for a very long time. If I recall, this may have been the only issue published.

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