Swamp Thing and the SDCC

There were a number of notable Swamp Thing moments at San Diego Comic Con this year and I’m excited to share my findings. Although I didn’t attend, I was in touch with various folks that did and there were some fun sightings!

DC Comics Swamp Thing Experience
At SDCC, DC comics created an off-site event to promote its upcoming online streaming service and by all accounts, it wasn’t very informative. A mini maze, decorated to look like a swamp that included lush vegetation, props and cast members, acted as a fun teaser for the upcoming live-action Swamp Thing series. Below are some images sent to me by fellow Swamp Thing fan, Erica who was on location for the event.
The DC Experience provided some hype and excitement going forward into the launch of DC’s streaming service. It also put Swamp Thing into the limelight at one of the largest comics related conventions in the world. Doom Patrol, Teen Titans and Harley Quinn were also part of the DC experience. I’ve not seen any images from those specific attractions but look forward to more as images from the convention emerge.

Note: Yesterday, the website Geeks World Wide posted the following information relating to the Swamp Thing series. “production start is expected to begin on September 10th in Wilmington… Casting is well underway and we expect to start hearing announcements very soon.” click here to read more.
Although news has been slow to be released for a show that will be shooting in September, it will be extremely exciting to see developments as September approaches.

Injustice Swamp Thing Figure
Along with the DC Experience, a Swamp Thing collectible was unveiled at SDCC. Hiya Toys announced and displayed an Injustice Swamp Thing figure. Slated to be relaeased in the winter/spring of 2018/2019, the figure comes with a wooden club and additional hands. The 4″ action figure looks beautifully sculpted, and is an exciting new direction for Swamp Thing figures.

I wasn’t able to attend San Diego Comic Con but was sure to obtain a copy of this years program. The book features a number of articles celebrating moments in comics history, and Vertigo Comics’ 25th Anniversary takes up a large portion of the book.

San Diego Comic Con Program (2018)
The various articles, chronicling DC’s most notable imprint feature a number of illustrations of Swamp Thing by professionals as well as fans. I was extremely excited to tear into the book to see all of the Swampy goodness. Below are some photos of the articles and Swamp Thing illustrations.

25 Years of Vertigo Article by Paul Levitz

Illustration by Hunter Lee

Vertigo Girl Article by Scarlet Karimian

Illustration by Julious Art

Illustration by Jore Escalera

Illustration by Frazer Brown

Illustration by Dan Membiela

Illustrations by J. Lynn Warner and John Hageman Jr

Illustration by Jamie Sullivan and Jesse Heagy

Illustration by Kinsem Y.P. Agena

Toward the back off the book a beautiful piece celebrating the late, great Len Wein is written by former DC President and editor, Paul Levitz. I thoroughly recommend picking up a copy of the program. They can easily be found on sites like ebay.

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