Swamp Thing’s Brazilian Super Powers

Super Powers 6 (1987)
O Monstro Pântano

Swamp Thing comes by way of Brazil, in this awesome pocketbook edition. The 80-page beauty collects issues 29-31 of Alan Moore’s run. The collected stories highlight the Anton/Abby Arcane resurrection story arc; Love and Death, A Halo of Flies and The Brimstone Ballet. The stories are collected under the Super Powers series, from Editora Abril.

Editora Abril is a Brazilian publisher and printing company. Most of the comics editions within my collection, from Brazil, were produced by Editora Abril.

It’s fun to read this style of reprint. Since the pocketbook style is a different size to the original release, some panels have been omitted and others, rearranged. Sometimes additional artwork is added, as seen on the “Brimstone Ballet” title spread (pictured later in this post).

Amor e Morte – for more info regarding the story, Love and Death, visit here.

Auréola de Moscas – for more info regarding the story, A Halo of Flies, visit here.

Balé Macabro – for more info regarding the story, The Brimstone Ballet, visit here.

The pocketbook edition includes a couple of the “Extra-special bonus pin-ups!!” that appeared in the original comics, at the time. Below is one of those pin-ups. The book also includes some really great Brazilian fan art pin-ups; two, of Swamp Thing (seen below) as well as various comic characters.

Back cover: Snoopy soap advertisement

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