Mister Miracle’s Swamp Ad

Mister Miracle 10 – October 1972


Jack Kirby’s Miracle Man features an ad for Swamp Thing #1! Because the cover date and release date don’t coincide, the ad most likely made it into consumer hands shortly before Swamp Thing #1 was released. I’m still on the hunt for the elusive House of Secrets #92 ad. I’ve yet to come across it in any comic.
Swamp Thing’s ad shares a page with Kamandi, another of Jack Kirby’s creations. You’ll notice that the ad reads that Swamp Thing #1 will be available August 10th while the cover of the actual comic reads “November”. Swamp Thing #1 was actually released in July of 1972.


Other great house ads for Swamp Thing debut, #1 can be found in
Detective Comics #426 “Killer’s Roulette!” (Volume 1) August 1972
Superboy #189 “The Curse of the Hangman’s Noose! ; The Runaway Superbaby!” (Volume 1) August 1972
The Forever People #10 “The Scavengers” September 1972
Detective Comics 426, Superboy 189 & Forever People 10 feature the same Swamp Thing house ad, advertising the premier issue of Swamp Thing in 1971. This ad features custom type and layout from legend, Gaspar Saladino.
Detective Comics 426

The house ad within Forever People 11 is slightly different than that of Mister Miracle 10, above. As you can see the cover of Swamp Thing 1 is blue while the one above is yellow.
The Forever People #11 “Devilance the Pursuer” November 1972
The Forever People 11

To reference my long list of Swamp Thing ads, visit the Ads page.

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