Flash Facts… Swamp Facts

A couple weeks ago, Flash Facts was released and I was excited to purchase a copy for the Swamp Thing appearances. Swampy appears in 2 educational, scientific based stories.
Swamp Thing’s first sighting comes in Chapter 3, “Facts of Life.” Amy Chu writes and Ile Gonzales handles the artwork.
In “Facts of Life”, Poison Ivy and her three sprouts Rose, Thorn and Hazel have a late night “field trip” to the Gotham Botanical Gardens. Their presence is detected by a security guard and they find themselves in a bit of trouble.526F0DED-DBA7-4DD7-8302-256CB77F21E2
Swamp Thing to the rescue! Swampy shows up to teach a lesson about GMOs.

Facts of Life” is a really fun story, and you can’t go wrong when Poison Ivy & Swampy share a panel. Although… there was that one time in JLA: Created Equal #1 “The Fall” Elseworld (2000). Page 22 from the Elseword book is below.903D51B6-D647-43D0-A17C-B7850B924D7A

The second story in Flash Facts that features Swampy comes in Chapter 10, “Human Extremes” by Kirk Scroggs. You might recognize Scroggs from his graphic novel, The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid, released in 2019. 


“Human Extremes” teaches some facts about the human body along with a dust up with Anton Arcane’s boat.

The highlight of the story is Swamp Thing’s interest in changing the book to Swamp Facts.


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