The Comic Report Fanzine

I bought this lot of Comic Report fanzines to finally obtain issue #2, which features Swamp Thing on the cover. The Canadian zine from 1976 is produced by Jeff Zinger but features a great deal of artwork from Dave Sim and Gene Day.


The Comic Report #2 – May 1976, cover by Dave Sim


The interior features an illustration by Vince Lavarello. I think it’s Swamp Thing but your guess is as good as mine.


The bulk of issue #2 is an interview with Dave Sim by Jeff Zinger.


Issue #3 – July 1976 of the Comic Report features a cool Creeper cover by Gene Day.


Issue #4 – August 1976 was the Comic Report’s EC issue. It features a quote from Berni Wrightson. Dave Sim drew the cover.


The Comic Report #5/6 – October 1976 features Shazam on the cover, along with the Dave Sim story, “Doorway to the Gods.”


Issue #7 – January 1977 features a Moon Knight cover by Gene Day, and a George Perez Beast illustration! 

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