Dr Anton Arcane Custom Figures

Custom toy maker, @dr.antonarcane makes extremely fun and creative figures. I purchased a Swamp Thing & Arcane figure from him in the past but this new neon/glow in the dark figure is ELECTRIC!
the above image was taken from @dr.antonarcane Instagram page. Follow his work for more amazing photos.

“Neon Fall Swamp Thing” has 4 points of magnetic articulation and included a custom, signed backer!

@dr.antonarcane stays true to the figure style by pairing it with artwork inspired by Swamp Thing #57 “Mysteries in Space” – see below. The figure that inspired this custom was the Kenner Bio-Glow Swamp Thing. Both the Kenner figure & Swamp Thing #57 depict the character with a cactus body. The two great depictions merge together to make this fantastic, inspired custom action figure!


Below is a process photo of the figure being made. It was taken from @dr.antonarcane Instagram page.


On top of being a fantastic custom toy maker, @dr.antonarcane is also generous. Included with the figure was a couple extras. Un-Men to be exact.
Behold…. GLOW IN THE DARK… Cranius!


The above photo was taken from @dr.antonarcane Instagram page and provides much more clarity. I was thrilled to see Cranius. He’s my favorite un-man and Anton Arcane’s right hand… brain.


Also within the package was a Weed Killer, glow in the dark head!


At the beginning of this post I’d mentioned purchasing two custom figures from @dr.antonarcane. Below are those Swampy and Arcane figures. They’re the two that got me hooked on the Doc’s work. I’m a huge fan and am honored to have these custom pieces in my collection. Follow him and message him for availability.


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