DC in the 80s Fanzine: Baxter Stock

Mark from DC in the 80s sent me all 3 issues of his awesome fanzine, Baxter Stock! Swamp Thing is featured on the cover of issue #3 and Rick Veitch is interviewed in issue #1. DC in the 80s posts really great content on Facebook and Twitter. I recommend checking out their website as well.486A1C09-2B29-4650-AC4C-08EC50F1AE22C5DC5CC2-6636-46EB-81D3-063309EC4F75

Josh Bayer illustrated Swamp Thing on issues #3, above. Below, “Vertigo Top 10” lists Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run #1.



Fanzines back in the day had really fun extras and Baxter Stock does not disappoint in representing the greatness. Below is an awesome Depeche Mode parody ad.


DJ TooDarkMark (Mark Belkin) even crafted a Vertigo mixtape. It’s available on Spotify, see the image below for the address.


Baxter Stock #1 has some gems in it as well! There’s a great interview with Rick Veitch regarding his unreleased Jesus issue. I truly believe that one day it will be released. A few years ago I was asked by DC to help track-down the original pages. After the pages were sold at auction, my trail went cold. It sounds far more dramatic than it was but it’s unfortunate that high resolution scans are not available of the art. I’ve owned a digital version of the script and pages for some time but they aren’t close to the resolution needed for a quality printing. Below is the cover of Baxter Stock #1, as well as Mark Belkin’s Rick Veitch interview.


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