Swamp Thing Tab & \ Keycap

Artist and toy maker, Neil Ewing might have handcrafted the most wonderfully obscure item to my collection. I’m thrilled to have his custom keyboard capThe cap is hand cast, glow in the dark, neon green resin, with second cast neon red eyes. That’s a mouthful but this little Swamp Thing face is pretty damn adorable and unique. It’s limited to 10 units. There may be more available on Neil’s site, here.


Sized for 1.5U for tab & \ keycaps. I wasn’t sure what a u is but found the following info online. “1u is a standard alpha keycap size. 1.5 is the standard tab or pipe key size.”



For those confused as to where this super awesome keycap goes on a keyboard, I’ve created a diagram for you.


Neil threw in some sweet extras with my order. His sticker and patch are awesome. Visit his website to support his fun work. Neil made a small batch of custom Swamp Thing figures last week and I picked one up. I’ll be sharing it on the site as soon as it arrives.


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