Scarce #12 Swamp Thing is in France

Scarce #12 (1987) – French Fanzine

I’ve been on the lookout for this awesome French book for a few years. I first found out about it when someone posted an image of it on Twitter. The 43-page, magazine sized book features an awesome Swamp Thing cover. The artwork is not original to this book, but a cropped image from the Swamp Thing series.

Another wonderful French book that I’ll need to have translated! Luckily though, I’ve read that the Scarce Alan Moore interview was not an original interview for this book and it was circulated around various European publications. I’ve no doubt it’s published in English in another book I have, so I’ll need to do some digging this weekend.

Below are some spreads from the Moore interview.


the Swamp Thing portion of the interview features various images by Totleben, Bissette and Veitch. This era of Swampy was glorious. Yah the writing is top notch but to have as strong of a visual team, it’s the greatest.


The icing on the cake for this great book is the back cover. It features an ad for the Parisian comic shop, Album. Album is still in business, check them out on Instagram. The illustration is by the great French illustrator, Jean-Claude Gal. The characters gathered together provide an extremely fun moment of firsts, if you’re into that sort of thing.
“Has Swamp Thing appeared in a book with Thor? Has he ever hung out with Spider-Man and Wolverine?” …kinda


Swamp Thing, green and in the spotlight. I’m not sure why he’s in mid chop. Perhaps he has a question.


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