Wading ‘round the Hall of Doom

Dear DC Super-Villains – 2021

What’s Swamp Thing been up to lately? He’s been wading around the Hall of Doom. Swampy has no bearing on the book but, Gustavo Duarte or Michael Northrop must be fans to sneak him into a couple of scenes within the. 

Whether it’s coffee & a newspaper or eavesdropping on shenanigans at the Hall of Doom, Swamp Thing has his finger on the pulse of what’s going down. Although, the Chili Peppers coffee mug threw me. I thought Alec would be more of a Prog Rock kinda Thing. Not to hate on the Chili Peppers, but it sounds like they’ve been putting out the same album for a couple decades.


Swamp Thing appears in chapter 5 and 8. Chapter 5 focuses on the DC villain Giganta, while chapter 8 presents a story focused on Black Manta. Again, Swamp has no role in any of these stories. The Hall of Doom is in his neck of the Bayou so he propped on by.

The page Swampy appears on within Chapter 5, “Dear Giganta” is below.


Small, obscure, bizarre-whatever you choose to call them-Swamp Thing appearances are the best. I’ve always intended on making a list of the smallest Swamp Thing appearances. There are quite a few fun ones: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, etc. Below, Swamp Thing is being as creepy as he wants to be.


The page Swampy appears on within Chapter 8, “Dear Black Manta” is below. The whole scene is goofy and wonderful. Gorilla Grodd is cannonballing his way into a bath, Bizarro is above ground rowing, and an alien lurks in the trees beyond the swamp. This is a good time.


Swamp Thing is in his morning relax mode and the alligator looks a bit suspicious. I’d love to read a comic exploring the narrative between Katana and the lurking grey alien. 


As you can tell from this post, I’m not getting into details regarding the plot of this graphic novel. The book just came out and I wouldn’t want to ruin your good time. It’s a kids book, and it’s great to see Swampy represented in such a fun way. Seeing this small appearance reminded me that I haven’t posted the amazingly well hidden Swamp Thing appearance within Suicide Squad #23, “Weird War Tales” from January 1989. You can expect more on that soon!

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