Jester FX Custom Swamp Thing Figure

It feels like I’ve been playing catch-up this week with appearances and collectibles I’ve been meaning to post. Yesterday’s post featured Suicide Squad #23 which I meant to post a few years ago, and now this awesome 4 inch, static, custom figure from Jester FX Studios that I acquired in the beginning of 2020.


The static, custom figure was 3D printed and hand-painted, with a little moss to give Swampy texture. The figure was released a year after the DCU series debuted but as you can see, the backing card features imagery from the show. The figure reminds me of what the DCU series could have been. It’s too bad the show didn’t last long enough to spawn figures or more collectibles. I love that Phantom Stranger’s hat sits on the tree, below Swampy in the photo on the backing card. For over analytical people like me, it’s a little Phantom Stranger goodie on a Swamp Thing collectible.

Below is a process photo from Jester FX Studios’ Instagram page. From the looks of his website, Swamp Thing figures are still available .



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