Kingdom Come with a Little Swamp Thing Appearance

The week of small Swamp Thing appearances continues with, Kingdom Come book 2, Elseworld “Truth and Justice” from June 1996.

This Swamp Thing appearance measures 2.5 cm x 1.25 cm. Sure, it’s small but Alex Ross’ Swamp Thing is heavily inspired by Bernie Wrightson.


This Mark Waid, Alex Ross team-up is a must read (in my opinion) for the visuals alone. Alex Ross’ paintings provide so much eye candy and fun takes on classic DC characters. The nightclub scene below features a bunch of cameos. The Shadow and Sherlock Holmes even made it into the mix. They happen to be standing behind Swamp Thing.3EE4E940-8C33-4913-9C00-E09F1187F7A447DF4B31-9999-4FE8-9103-70A97CF8E92C

You may need to get your glasses, perhaps a magnifying glass.

0B618B2C-95AA-49C7-B6E9-F625246126BAHalfway through the book, Superman arrives at a nightclub to recruit superhumans to fight in a super cool battle, for truth & justice (…really, he threatens them but read the book, it’s good stuff). Swamp Thing is incognito, sporting the same outfit he first wore in Swamp Thing #5, The Last of the Ravenwind Witches (1973).


Swamp Thing prefers a trench coat and fedora while on the run, and while out having a beverage. Ross’ illustration is an homage to Swampy in Swamp Thing #7, page 9, below. Cheers!


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