Scot Eaton Original Swamp Thing #130 Art

Yesterdays mail delivery was the icing on the cake to a great week. I’ve been enjoying posting more frequently. It’s fun interacting with so many fellow Swampy fans on Instagram & Twitter. It’s convenient that Swamp Thing collectibles are a fun escape from a busy work week, and I’ll be a bit busier in the future. My wife and I are expecting our first child and I’m excited to help introduce the little guy into our world. I’m guessing posts will be limited but only time will tell. I’m thrilled for what’s to come and I can’t make promises but he might turn into a great Swamp Thing kidswear model (Apparel). Now, without further ado…

Featuring Scot Eaton on Pencils, Kim DeMulder playing Inks. Swamp Thing #130, page 16 arrived in the mail Saturday afternoon and I’m  thrilled to frame it.


Below is the page from the comic. The colored page isn’t as striking as the inked illustration.


I’ve been on the lookout for another original page with Abby and Swamp Thing prominently featured on the page. The strength of dialogue and emotion that Waid & Eaton depict here stunning. Other Abby/Swampy pages I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire art by Phil Hester, Here along with pages 9 and 10 of issue #161. I’ll post detailed info of the pages in the future, until then here’s a link.

The issue #130 page depicts Swamp Thing and Abby in a passionate scene, but there’s more at play than two lovers sharing a moment. Here’s some background info. In Swamp Thing #127 “Project Proteus” the Green summons Swamp Thing.


A great disturbance is felt and Swampy begrudgingly leaves his family to confront a toxic menace. Conflicted by his duty to family and the Green, Swampy grows a duplicate body to care for his family so he can go fight for the Green.


While Swampy is off defending the Green, battling the toxic menace, Swamp Thing’s duplicate finds itself having realistic feelings and love for the family he’s been left in charge to cares for. Abby is being tricked. She’s unaware that the duplicate isn’t Alec. The duplicate and Abby share intimate moments that Alec should be present for. Writer Nancy Collins-as always-writes strong tense moments in her Swamp Thing stories. Her run is my favorite Swampy run to revisit. Scot Eaton and Kim DeMulder’s artwork is fantastic.


I write the above to provide context to the page I acquired this weekend. It’s good to know what you’re looking at and where it fits into Swamp Thing canon. In issue #130, Alec has already encountered the toxic monster, Proteus I mentioned above. In the skirmish, Swampy has absorbed the toxic waste and is unable to travel through the Green to get back to his family. Alec is left a rotting, toxic mess while his home life is going well. It’s going so well, the duplicate Swamp Thing professes it’s love…


The last panel is passionate, and funny in that Kim DeMulder signed it. It makes me wonder if he penciled and inked that panel alone.


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