The Spectre Delivers an Honorable Mention

Spectre #10 “Infinite Possessions” January 1988


Based on the cool Swamp cover by, Jerry Bingham you’d assume that Swamp Thing makes an appearance within this book. Well, he doesn’t but he is referenced. The cover is how I stumbled upon this reference so it worked in my favor to judge the book by its cover.

Within the book, Jim Corrigan and Spectre are headed to Louisiana. Some guy died in Madame Xanadu’s parlor and Spectre senses that the answer is in the bayou.


A small diner in Louisiana begins to stir with excitement. Manhunters have been spotted in the swamps and locals are talking. The waitress alludes to the Suicide Squad and Belle Reve when she refers to it as, “first there’s that super-creep prison…”


she goes on to reference Swamp Thing, “…and, don’t tell me, more ’bout that so-called “swamp-man-thingie” ever’body’s been seein’ round here?”
I’d imagine most Swamp Thing collectors would pass on this book but it’s fun to know little mentions like this are out there. For completists, gotta get it.


Swamp Thing is also mentioned in the letters page! A fan writes in wondering if Spectre will be teamed up with, the Heap and Swamp Thing.
See portion 6) in the letter below. The Editor responds staring, “Spectre and Swamp Thing will meet again, perhaps in a two-part crossover but we don’t own the Heap so he won’t be here, ever.”


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