Shade the Changing Swamp Thing Reference

After posting a few comic books that referenced Swamp Thing, Billy Famine on Instagram messaged me to ask if I’d seen the one in Shade the Changing Man #66 from December of 1995. I hadn’t seen it and immediately found a copy at my local comic shop. It’s such a thrill to find more Swampy references and/or appearances. I know there are more out there and it’s so fun to get a tip from a fellow Swamp Thing fan.


Shade, the Changing Man #66, “The Alligator People” takes place in Louisiana. Shade visits the area to help a friend and winds up dealing with a killer Alligator wreaking havoc. Shade gets a little nervous when he gets too close to the perpetrator. As you can see below, Shade can only hope it’s friendly Swamp Thing.


Below is the full page Swamp Thing is referenced on.


To see where this Swampy reference falls within continuity or for more fun appearances, visit the Vertigo Era: ‘93-‘10 appearance list.

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