Swamp Thing is Back, Scaring Kids at the Carnival

House of Mystery #304 – May 1982
I… Vampire! “The Night Has Eyes”

Swamp Thing is back at it, making an appearance at a carnival, scaring children. You probably remember when Swampy was giving Clark Kent & Lana Lang a fright in, Superboy 198 (1973) “The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time.” In House of Mystery 304 (May 1982), Swamp Thing is an attraction in the Fun House! I just found out about this appearance thanks to a fellow Swamp Thing fan on Instagram. Thank you Theodore!


In this story, Mary Queen of Blood has a plan to kidnap J. Brown Wooley’s granddaughter. Who’s Wooley? See below

Andrew Bennet stands in the way of Mary’s plans, so she drives a stake into his chest. She has her henchmen display Bennett’s body in a coffin as a carnival Fun House attraction. Not far from Bennett’s coffin, a wax statue of Swamp Thing appears next to the Wolf Man.

The Swamp Thing statue looks stylized with elongated ears and fangs. The carnival ride looks more like a haunted house than a fun house. In regards to Swamp Thing continuity, House of Mystery 304 was released the same month as, The Saga of the Swamp Thing 1 “What Peace There May Be in Silence” (Series 2) May 1982.
A4872C83-D41B-49EA-B38F-3B59FA2DAA7FThe pink face to the right of Swamp Thing reminds me of Bernie Wrightson’s werewolf from Swamp Thing #4 “Monster on the Moors” (Series 1) May 1973.


Mary’s plans are obviously thwarted. Bennett saves the day. As for what becomes of Mary and her henchmen, it’s not pretty. Even worse, the Swamp Thing wax statue perishes in the fun House fire.


It’s all worth noting that the book features an ad for the first Swamp Thing film on the inside cover


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