The Gang is All Here in ’87 – Limited DC History Print

I’ve been meaning to post this beautiful 15″ x 30″ print for some time now. Rearranging the Swamp Thing room provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

Swamp Thing is looking pungent smelling, surrounded by some flies. Phantom Stranger doesn’t seem phased, but Martian Manhunter appears to be struggling.


The art jam was created in conjunction with a deluxe, hardcover-version of the History of the DC Universe book. It was included in the book as a gatefold. The eclectic crowd of DC characters were illustrated by some of the top artists and creators. The art was used to produce the 15″ x 30″ print that I’m holding in the photo above. DC distributed a postcard providing the opportunity to send away for the rolled poster. I was able to procure this limited, mail-away, 1 of 10,000 poster from my good friend John Nordstrom.


John Totleben and Stephen Bissette provided the Swamp Thing illustration.



The write-up above is from (former Swamp Thing writer) Martin Pasko’s DC Vault. The DC Vault features a copy of the History of the DC Universe poster but it is folded within the Vault binder, pictured below. Click the DC Vault link to see cool photos of a really fun book.


The History of the DC Universe poster is jam packed with characters. Below is a key to help identify them all with their artists.


Top Row: Tommy Tomorrow by Jim Mooney, Phantom Stranger by Jim Aparo, Swamp Thing by Stephen Bissette & John Totleben, The Question by Denys Cowan, White Witch by P. Craig Russell, Green Lantern (Alan Scott) by Martin Nodell, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) by Joe Staton, Enemy Ace by Dave Stevens, Plastic Man by Bill Sienkiewicz, Darkseid by ack Kirby & Mike Royer, Ragman by Keith Giffen, The Ray by Al Williamson & Brett Blevins, The Spectre by Michael Kaluta, Silverblade by Gene Colan, Robotman by Steve Lightle, Lady Blackhawk by Brian Bolland, Black Condor by Michael T. Gilbert,  OMAC by Jim Starlin.

Middle Row: Hawkman by Joe Kubert, Martian Manhunter by Arthur Adams, Manhunter by Walt Simonson, Aquaman by Paul Norris, Warlord by Mike Grell, Power Girl by Mary Wilshire, Sgt. Rock by Andy Kubert, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) by Gil Kane, Captain Marvel by Kurt Schaffenberger, Batman by Bob Kane, Superman by Curt Swan, Wonder Woman by George Pérez, Blackhawk by Howard Chaykin, Arion by Jan Duursema, Flash (Barry Allen) by Carmine Infantino, Zatara by Jim Steranko, Zatanna by Gray Morrow, Deadman by Neal Adams, Adam Strange by Murphy Anderson, Rorschach by Dave Gibbons.

Mezzanine row: Chop-Chop by Dave Stevens, Flash (Jay Garrick) by Jaime Hernandez, Judomaster by Frank McLaughlin.

Bottom row: Hourman by Gilbert Hernandez, Vigilante by Dan Spiegel, Tomahawk by Frank Thorne, Metamorpho by Ramona Fradon, The Demon by Matt Wagner, Amythest by Ernie Colon, Robin by Bob Kane, Wildcat by Irwin Hasen, Cain by Joe Orlando, Captain Atom by Pat Broderick, Mister Miracle by Steve Rude, Sarge Steel by Dick Giordano.

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