Swamp Thing Sweatshirt… for Kids

Swamp Thing Youth/Kids Sweatshirt – 1991

This Swamp Thing sweatshirt is awesome. Sure I’ll never be able to fit into it, but a future model is in the works. The artwork featured on the front is seldom seen on Swampy apparel. A few different colors of the sweatshirt style exists and pop-up every so often on eBay or Etsy. It took me a little over 5 years to track this little shirt down. An example of the grey version of the sweatshirt can be seen here.


I love this and other promo art that was used on Swampy collectibles relating to the animated series. Like I’ve said in the past, the amount of Swamp Thing merchandise and collectibles produced for a 5 episode animated series is bananas. But, I sure do appreciate it all.


The tag indicates that the size of the sweatshirt is a youth/kids 10-12.


detail of the date, below.


I suppose it wouldn’t be age appropriate, but a Swamp Thing pin that would go great with this sweatshirt is the Wu-Tang pin below. This pin arrived in the mail earlier this week from Flanagan Creations. He might have a few more still available. He threw it in my shipment when I order the faux copper bust below the Swamp Thing/Wu-Tang pin.


Pretty cool huh? Flanagan Creations makes fun custom Swamp Thing items!


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