It’s a Mi Gran Aventura Sunday

It felt like a great day to pull out some of my Mexican, Mi Gran Adventura pocket books… so I did! These little beauties measure 14cm x 19.37cm, and were published by National Periodical Publications, Inc. The logo, EN can be seen in the corner of each book cover. It stands for Editorial Navaro, the imprint. 


Above are issues #153, 155 and 158 of the Aguila series. “Aguila”, is an indicator of the size of the book. If I recall, Navaro released Mi Gran Aventura books in a couple different sizes.


I’m not a Mexican comics wiz/know-it-all, but the kind folks over at the Global Comic Safari are. Check out this link where they break down some of the Mexican Navaro formats.

Mi Gran Aventura #2-153, Serie Águila (June 1977)

This copy of #153 has seen better days but I’m thrilled just to have a copy in my collection. The book reprints, Swamp Thing #9 The Stalker From Beyond (April 1974) along with a backup story. The Stalker From Beyond was written by Len Wein. Bernie Wrightson handled the artwork.



Mi Gran Aventura #2-155, Serie Águila (August 1977) reprints Swamp Thing #11 The Conqueror Worms (August 1974) . The cover of Swampy #11 was illustrated by Luis Dominguez. Issue 11 was the first Swamp Thing book since Bernie Wrightson’s departure from the series. Nestor Rendondo stepped in on art detail and did a phenomenal job. I’m writing about these great artists now because I failed to do so in my old posts, back when I first started this site.



Mi Gran Aventura #2-158, Serie Águila (October 1977) reprints Swamp Thing #15 The Soul-Spell of Father Bliss (April 1975). At this point in the Swamp Thing series (1975), David Michelinie was writing and Nestor Redondo was still the artist.


A fun, trivial fact regarding this issue of Swamp Thing is: Eighteen years after Swamp Thing #15 is published, the demon, Nebiros (below) & Swamp Thing appear in Showcase ’93 #4 (April 1993).


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