Swamp Things in the Penthouse

Penthouse Comix #21 (April 1997)

Swamp Thing parody appearances have been known to pop-up in some of the most bizarre books and places. Take a look at those I’ve listed on the Parody page, here. There are quite a few fun ones.


Penthouse Comix #21 from 1997 might be the zestiest book in my Swamp Thing parody collection. Amongst the erotica, 2 Swamp Thing looking creatures made their way into “The Edge”, one of the stories within the book. It’s easy to dismiss the characters as not being Swampy but with the star studded lookalikes within the cast, one of them is bound to be Swampy.

Thor is in Asgard with a huge supporting cast. They’ve all gathered to participate in the Hundred Years Games. The Universes’ finest convene once a century to compete. Within the splash page below, you’ll find an assortment of your favorite characters. The Tick, R2D2, Vader, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ralphie from A Christmas Story, Aladdin, and Darkseid are just a few you’ll spot. 


The first Swamp Thing sighting is within the title page crowd. It just so happens, Swampy is standing next to ALF. Yep, ALF is eating a cat. Everyone is in attendance to try their hand in the Hundred Years Games.


On page 26 another Swamp Thing looking monster can be seen holdIng a metal robot.


The robot that Swamp Thing is holding reminds me of a robot Mickey Mouse. It has a tail and a disc shaped ear. Beldar from the Coneheads might be behind Swamp Thing.

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