The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2

Swamp Thing (Series 2) #36: “The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2”

Swamp Thing 35 was part 1 of The Nuke-Face Papers storyline. The book introduced the effects the Lombard Coal Mine (in Pennsylvania) had on the environment by dumping toxic waste. A former mine employee named, Bob took to drinking the toxic waste as if it were alcohol. He was given the nickname Nuke-Face. He’s made his way down to Louisiana, destroying everyone he comes in contact with. Unfortunately Swamp Thing was one of the last to see Bob. At the beginning of Swamp Thing 36, we find Swamp Thing in rough shape.



Dreaming of Abby, Swamp Thing rots away the whole night and into the following day. The effects of Bob’s toxic waste has him struggling for his life.

Abby finds Swamp Thing and is terrified by the sight of him rotting away. He tells her that he plans to rebuild another body before dying but isn’t sure how long it will take, or if they’ll ever see each other again.


Wallace Monroe is being haunted by his past. The role he played in the Lombard Coal Mine dumping in Pennsylvania and elsewhere has caught up with him and it’s destroying his life and family. He hears children chanting the familiar name, Nuke Face. The kids back in Pennsylvania did the same thing. 


Monroe’s wife, Treasure has gone missing.


A search party is organized and Monroe’s wife is found the next morning. She’d slept next to Nuke Face to keep him warm throughout the night. She explains to the small shocked crowd that she felt sorry for Bob. I understand she didn’t know that Bob was toxic but her actions and decision making skills are questionable.


Wallace Monroe flees town, abandoning his wife and unborn child. Treasure is taken to the hospital. Her future and the health of her child are uncertain. By the end of the book, it’s presumed that Nuke-Face is still roaming America.


In the next issue we see Swamp Thing regenerate, and John Constantine goes from a Sting lookalike to his own character! In the meantime, the letters page of issue 35 is buzzing over Swamp Thing, issues 30 & 31.


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