Wooley’s and the Swamp Thing Bust

Wooley’s Auction Gallery Magazine – circa 1982

Wooley’s Auction Gallery used to produce paperback catalogs to accompany their auctions. The books were typically filled with original comic book art, film props, comic books, etc. This issue caught my eye because the back cover features a familiar looking Swamp Thing bust.


Below is the back cover. It features THE Swamp Thing bust by Bill Munns. I acquired the bust from a fellow Swamp Thing fan in 2016. I wrote all about it, here. It’s a thrill to find this auction magazine with even more details about the bust.


Below are some photos from the inside of the auction catalog.


The busts are part of comic book and cinema history. I’m thrilled that I was able to own a piece of that history. I owned the Swamp Thing bust for three years. In 2019 I sold it to The Horror and SciFi Prop Preservation Association. If you’re not familiar, check out their Instagram page. They’ve got more movie props than you can shake a stick at. And they hold numerous display events for charity.

Truth be told, It wasn’t a difficult choice to make knowing that the Swamp Thing bust would be going into a museum quality environment. The price didn’t hurt either. The article below mentions that the bust was featured in Cinefantastique Vol 12 #2/4 (1982). As you can imagine, I ordered that book and will write about it as soon as it arrives.


Above, the Arcane suit was up for auction. I’d love to know where all these pieces ended up.


This auction was a dream come true for any Swamp Thing fan. I’ve snapped photos of all the items that were available, below. 

“…a wide assortment of the special effects, master models, monster costumes and star wardrobe that were used in the production of the critically praised (and audience pleasing) film production of Swamp Thing.” Wooley’s is being extremely generous in offering that the film was critically praised.


The Swamp Thing regeneration models below are great.



Below are details of the remaining items up for auction related to Swamp Thing the motion picture.


One comic book related Swamp Thing item did make its way into the book. The great, House of Secrets #92. I wish I could get an extra copy at 1982 prices. Where’s Doc Brown when you need him?


I was pleasantly surprised to see a few extras included with the auction guide. Below is a Wooley’s subscription envelope along with an ad.


A second insert advertises that Wooley’s is looking for treasured items items for their Auction.


3 thoughts on “Wooley’s and the Swamp Thing Bust

  1. i can’t believe you sold that bust!!!!!!!
    they must have been throwing numbers at you until they got to one high enough that you just couldn’t say no. am i right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! At the end of the day I still have a slew of prop/costume pieces from the films so it helps to sleep at night lol. The bust is a bit bigger than the auction listing states and took up a good bit of space. It was kind of nice to be free of such a large, delicate piece. I also worried greatly about the foam it was made of. Even in the time I had it, I felt like the stuff degrades fairly quickly (I could be wrong). But, I love Jame’s (the HSPPA) approach to restoring props and felt good about it. He had Swampy’s legs restored and they look amazing on display. They even released an enamel pin in honor of them.


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