Halloween Giveaway

Halloween is around the corner and I’m getting excited for all the treats. I’m also excited to giveaway a Swamp Thing DVD to one lucky person. The DVD is a Halloween Walmart release. The really cool monochromatic slipcover contains the recent (tragically cut short) live action series. The DVD does not feature any new material. I believe the Halloween slipcovers replaced the original slipcovers (seen later in post). Walmart basically slapped some really cool lipstick on my favorite pig and called it Halloween. But, its a really cool slipcover. the details are awesome. I’m a mark for this kind of stuff. And now you can have one too!

How to get the Halloween DVD:

Answer this question in the comments section below. What is your favorite Halloween and/or Horror movie? We’re looking for movies to watch while handing out candy and working on Holland Files 6! One person will be chosen at random and the results will be announced next weekend, Saturday, October 16th. I’ll post the results here on rootsoftheswampthing.com as well as on social media.

My local Walmart didn’t carry this great Halloween release (slipcover modification), but I was lucky to receive these two DVDs from fellow Swamp Thing fan, Adam. And thanks to Adam, I can give one of them away. I’ll be sending the one on the left to one lucky person next weekend.

Below are images of the back of the slipcover and the DVD within.

As you can see in the image above, a new UPC sticker was slapped on that DVD and it was ready for a Halloween release!

35 thoughts on “Halloween Giveaway

  1. Favorite horror movie is The Thing starring Kurt Russell. It has a great creepy, isolated setting and the horror is both the unsettling visual gore and not knowing if your friends are still human. Brilliant.

    I thought the DC Universe Swamp Thing was great, and have been wanting to watch the original cut again. The CW version is edited for TV and content.

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  2. My favorite spooky movie is Young Frankenstein! Underrated Halloween banger for sure.

    Love your blog and that Swamp Thing series is one of my fave shows of all time!

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  3. Competition aside, please watch Werewolves Within. Part whodunnit, part classic werewolf story, it’s the only horror movie I know of that directly incorporates the teachings of Mr. Rogers into its plot and overall concept.

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  4. Horror of Dracula by Hammer. Two Icons , Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in a couple of there most famous roles. You can’t go wrong with a little late 50’s British horror!

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  5. I really like the Paranormal Activity series.. I think mostly because the creature is such a mystery for most of time.. sometime horro movies ruin it for me when they show too much of the demon, monster, ghost, etc

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  6. Pretty obscure but I gotta go with 99 horror-comedy Idle Hands, about a teenager whose right hand gets possessed by a demon. Hilarity, and some serious gore, ensue. It’s not a masterpiece but it IS a perfect time capsule of late 90s Hollywood.

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  7. Well, it’s quite easy. My favourite Halloween movie is “Halloween” by John Carpenter. The best slasher ever made and the perfect choice for a creepy Halloween…

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  8. I unabashedly and un-ironically love the SAW movies*, especially III and II.

    *Mostly. I was indifferent to Jigsaw, but it’s looking better compared to the disappointing Spiral, and I HATED 3D.

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  9. I am terrible at picking favourite movies because I genuinely love so many of them. The one I was going to pick (“The Thing”) someone already chose so I’ll go with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I absolutely love it. Everything about that movie oozes pure uncomfortable psychotic madness. You end the watch feeling like you just witnessed a blood bath, but in reality, they manged to convince you of that with using almost no blood at all. It’s impressive. The raw nature of the movie is also just so genuine it makes you think it was a filmed reality.

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  10. Hell raiser. You’ve probably seen it, but there’s something different about this movie & it’s sequel I can’t exactly put my finger on. Maybe something to do with someone getting to a point where pleasure and pain become so inextricable from each other and people trying to push that boundary.
    Also, the natural special effects make it that much more gruesome and disturbing.
    Have a good Halloween.


  11. Hey John! It’s difficult to choose one favorite horror movie but if I had to choose one it would probably be the Evil Dead (1981). I first saw it at a sleep over party at my friend’s house in grade school and it has held a special place in my weird little heart eve since. It’s just so original and fun: great practical effects/ makeup, great story, wonderfully campy, funny, scary, great tension, just great overall. Also, Evil Dead 2, awesome.


  12. My personal favorite will always be the Universal studios classic Frankenstein. It’s what set the gold standard for the gothic castle and the mad scientist and his lab


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