American Cartoon Hero Trading Cards

American Cartoon Hero #093 – Swamp Thing
Collection Card, Series II, China

These fun cards jumped out at me while fumbling around ebay. All 3 depict the cover of Damage #6 (DC Comics, June 2008) which featured Swamp Thing. The cards came in 3 styles. For the most part, the 3 styles look very similar. Below is the normal/base card from the American Cartoon Hero set.

For reference, I’ve provided the original Damage cover below.

The second trading card in the lot is the hologram version of the base card. I’ve provide a couple photos below to depict how great the card looks with the spectrum of colors.

The third version of the trading card has a foil treatment. It was difficult to capture a good photo due to the texture and reflections but it does the trick.

The person I purchased the cards from believed that these cards were meant for promotional purposes. But, I don’t have any evidence of this.

As you can see from the back of the trading cards, the series features classic and modern day comic favorites. The back of each card is identical. Each one features a description of Swamp Thing’s origin, in Chinese.

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