Swamp Thing Figures Giveaway

Welcome back to another fun rootsoftheswampthing.com giveaway.

The What:

  • McFarlane Toys Megafig DC Collector Swamp Thing Action Figure
  • McFarlane Toys Megafig DC Collector Swamp Thing Variant Action Figure

The How:

  • In the comments section below, answer the following: What character would you cast yourself as, in any film or tv show starring Swamp Thing?

I was fortunate and obtained a couple extra McFarlane Swamp Thing figures and I’m excited to give them away. Two people will be chosen at random on March 31st. The first name that is drawn will get their choice of one of the figures. The second name that is drawn will receive the remaining figure. I wanted to pick two names on April 1st but April Fool’s Day might not seem like the most genuine of days to giveaway these two killer figures. Thank you so much for participating and visiting rootsoftheswampthing.com. I hope you are doing well. – John

107 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Figures Giveaway

  1. Anton Arcane. I’d want to play John Constantine but I’m not cool enough to pull that off. But a proper creepy Arcane? I would kill that.


  2. i would want to play a young John Boylan who paddles around the swamp in a little boat searching for his hero. actually, if we wait a few years we can get your son to play that role. LOL


  3. Gotta go with Matt Cable. Not only did have the girl, but lost her in the end, but he got the sweet gig as Matt the Raven.


  4. I want to play swamp thing but he’s in a buddy cop movie with John Constantine, who is portrayed by Andy Samberg. It will make no sense and be delightful.


  5. I would absolutely play John Constantine in a heartbeat. I already have my own trenchcoats and a penchant for both tragedy and magic.


  6. I’d cast myself as Mento or Sargon in an adaptation of ‘A Murder of Crows’. It’d have to be a TV series to fit it all tho.


  7. John Constantine – but I huge muscular version that commands respect like Reacher, but is more intellectual like V. “The intimidating mystical intellectual”


  8. Either of the nerdy kiddos from The Return of Swamp Thing! That’s unabashedly my favorite on-screen Swampy even though it’s so not like any comic book version. But it’s a lot of fun, with a lot of monsters, and those two kids were essentially me at that age.


  9. I would definitely cast myself as Delbert from the animated series. If not for any reason other than having a chance to use his over-the-top accent and say “hey Swampy!” all the time.


  10. Not sure if it’s too late to submit. I vaguely remember a Native American character in the animated version of Swamp Thing. Being Native American myself I’d love to bring this type of perspective to Swamp Thing. I feel like this type of character would be like a guide to Swampy when he needs to know certain things that exceed the knowledge/force of The Green in addition to the Parliament of Trees.


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