Swamp Thing’s Spring, So Far

This Spring has been fun for Swamp Thing fans. The current, The Swamp Thing series reintroduced Tefé Holland in this month’s issue. And-as Im sure you’ve already heard-Perkins and Ram V’s series was extended to 16 issues. I greatly anticipate the delayed Swamp Thing Green Hell #2 (rescheduled to release May 17th), but having Tefé back in the title is helping me forget all about it. The Swamp Thing #11 is beautifully drawn. Below is the cover to this month’s issue #11.

Above: The Swamp Thing #11 covers – 2 variants

Speaking of the recent Swampy series: I received this beautiful Mike Perkins page last week. It’s page #9 from The Swamp Thing #9 (2022). And it features numerous instances of Swamp Thing.

Some of the images on the various monitors look inspired by past Swamp Thing books.

Monitors – Image Detail 1
Monitors – Image Detail 2

The title page of Swamp Thing #4 “Monster on the Moors” (1973) inspired the image below.

Below is a detail of an uncolored title page of Swamp Thing #4 “Monster on the Moors”

The image above is an obvious reference to Swamp Thing’s first appearance in House of Secrets #92. Another title page from a Swamp Thing classic.

Image from House of Secrets #92 (1971) ”Swamp Thing” title page

In all, Swamp Thing is depicted (I believe) 10 times on this beautiful Mike Perkins page. I’m honored to hang it in the Swamp Thing Gallery.

We’ve been fortunate to see Swamp Thing in various, fun appearances and homages this month and last. I’ve been playing catchup this week, and I’d imagine most of you have already picked up these great books.

Last month, the Rad Wraith #1 Swamp Thing variant cover finally made its way into mailboxes. Due to production delays, the limited variant was delayed. As you can see, the totally radical cover pays homage to Wrightson’s Swamp Thing #9 “The Stalker From Beyond” (1974). Earlier this month, a variant from Vault Comics, West of Sundown also payed homage to Swamp Thing. The title even pays homage to Gaspar Saladino’s House of Secrets logo.

An homage to House of Secrets #92 – 1971

in March, Swamp Thing had a small appearance within Justice League #73. He seems to pop up when it’s convenient for the story but doesn’t do very much.

This month, Swamp Thing appeared in Justice League #74, and had just as much impact within the storyline.

Last week, DC’s Black Label series, Suicide Squad: Blaze, book 2 featured a small Swamp Thing appearance. If you weren’t looking, you may have missed it.

While Swamp Thing appears to be getting blasted in Suicide Squad: Blaze, it seems fitting to see a Swamp Thing parody appear within Image Comics’ 4/20 release, ”The Secret History of the War on Weed.” In the book, Weed Thing makes an appearance.

Despite Weed Thing’s calming words, I think it’d be difficult to relax around Weed Thing.

Here’s the most random of ”Swamp Thing” items that came my way this month. Is it toothpaste? No, it’s a box of Swamp Thing matches.

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