More Swamp Thing Style From ‘91

Another great Swamp Thing outfit was spotted on eBay and I couldn’t resist getting it. The shirt & shorts set from 1991 is a glorious addition to my ever-growing collection of Swampy clothing from the animated series era. Fun and varied merchandise was produced for the short lived, 5 episode Swamp Thing cartoon. But, a lot of the merchandise (except perhaps the action figure line) wasn’t highly sought after and wound up in store bargain bins. I was relieved to see that this set was in great shape, and it doesn’t look like it was worn much.

You may recognize the artwork on the shirt from the LCA stye guide, along with other apparel items I’ve shared in the past.

The artwork on the shorts made me laugh. Swamp Thing doesn’t appear to be happy on shorts.

My son was excited to try the outfit on. The shirt and shorts are size 4T but he wears 2T. I’d imagine the clothes have shrunk since 1991, but they could run small.

For more fun Swamp Thing apparel, check out my Apparel Collectibles page. Thank you for stopping by. -John

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