Swamp Thing Halloweeny Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Swamp Thing Giveaway and Halloween is the holiday for treats, so I’m giving 1 person all this fun Swamp Thing stuff! All you have to do is answer the following question in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Question: Besides Swamp Thing, who is your favorite character to have appeared in a Swamp Thing Book, TV Show or Movie?
Mine is Chester Williams, my favorite red-headed hippy. Provide your answers in the comment section at the bottom of this post to enter to win.

A winner will be chosen at random from the list of comments, below. The winner will be announced here on rootsoftheswampthing.com as well as the ROTST Instagram page on November 7th. Below is a list of items that are included in the giveaway. Good luck to all and thank you for stopping by.

  • 1 Dick Durock Autograph
  • 1 copy of Swamp Thing New Roots Trade Paperback (2020) – Collects Swamp Thing Giant Direct Market Edition #1-4, Swamp Thing Giant (Wal-Mart Edition) #5, Swamp Thing: New Roots #6 & Swamp Thing: New Roots #9.
  • 1 copy of Swamp Thing Becoming Trade Paperback (2021) – Collects Future State: Swamp Thing #1-2 & Swamp Thing #1-4

Below are more photos of your Swamp Thing treats.

62 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Halloweeny Giveaway

  1. Believe it or not, I love Nukeface. I loved him as this walking disaster completely oblivious to the harm he was doing. I would love for the character to still be alive after all this time and given another appearance in modern times.

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  2. It seems like kind of a cop-out, but I was really surprised, the first time I read the Alan Moore run, how much I really enjoyed Abby. At first I just wrote her off as “the superhero’s girlfriend,” but she became so much of a character by herself that I really missed her when Swamp Thing ended up in space without her.

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  3. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. When I first read the Anatomy Lesson I just assumed he had been created as a villain for Swamp Thing. Finding out the character actually predates him by almost a decade was surprising but having read some earlier appearances I’m now fascinated by his growth from his first appearance to the deranged plant monster he’s become.
    Nukeface is a close second.

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  4. Haven’t read all the comics.
    I’m only aware that John Constantine was introduced in this comic. I’m sorry, I’m just starting to get into Swamp Thing cause from where I’m from he’s not really all that popular.
    So I guess Constantine satisfies your question.

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  5. John Constantine. This is a difficult question though, because there have been so many interesting and important characters. But my all time favorites are: DC – 1. Swamp Thing 2. John Constantine and MARVEL – 1. Silver Surfer.
    Being a professional eco-geek is have to give honorable mentions to the Parliament of Trees, Tefe, Black Orchid, Floronic Man, Poison Ivy, Animal Man, Aquaman, Earth2 Green Lantern, Kudzu,and so many more. Thanks!

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  6. I really enjoyed the short-lived series that aired on DC’s streaming service until it was canceled. I loved Madame Xanadu in that and wish we could have gotten to see more of her interactions in Swampy’s universe.

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  7. my immediate thought was Tefe but after thinking about it i have to say Arcane. whenever he shows up you just know the shit is going to hit the fan. i’m still upset we never got to see his child before that series got cancelled.

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  8. I’m gonna go with Brother Power, The Geek from Annual #5. One of my favorite single issues. But I’m also gonna say Bayou Jack from the cartoon. He was my favorite as a kid! Haha.


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