Giveaway Results!

Congratulations to Danilo Melo! Danilo was randomly selected from the giveaway post comments to win this fun batch of Swamp Thing collectibles.

Thank you so much for everyone’s participation, it’s always fun to hear from fellow Swamp Thing fans. I had fun reading through all of your comments. Giveaways like this always remind me to reread Swamp Thing storylines that I’ve not read in a while. Below is Danilo’s response to the giveaway question, “Besides Swamp Thing, who is your favorite character to have appeared in a Swamp Thing Book, TV Show or Movie?”

As always, thank you for visiting If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the upcoming Holland Files #7, please contact me at The book goes to press in December so be sure to reach out to get your work submitted in time. Thank you all for your support and sharing in the love of Swamp Thing. – John

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