December 2nd Reveal & the ‘91 Fantasy Fair

Welcome back for another Christmas calendar reveal. The December 2nd Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar item is a Batarang. As you can see, the bat horns are a bit chewed up. My son was excited to rip the Batarang from the calendar to give it a nibble. Needless to say, the DC Super Friends weapon/accessory will be stored in a safe place so it isn’t a choking hazard.

While we were playing with Batman and the Batarang, I noticed that it didn’t fit in Batman’s hand very well. So I jumped on the internet to see if this cool Batman choking hazard (joking) was previously released. Since Imaginext reused the Swamp Thing design for a Christmas figure, maybe they are using the calendar as a way to get rid of some of their unsold inventory. I’m speculating, but the same Batarang was released in 2014 for Imaginext’s series 1 DC Super Friends Blind Bags.

Although the 2nd Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar item wasn’t an exciting Christmas themed figure, I do have a really great Swamp Thing book to share with you!

The awesome Dallas Fantasy Fair preview book from 1991 arrived in the mail this week. The 16-page newsprint book features a portion of Rick Veitch’s cover to Swamp Thing #66, seen below.

The short guidebook contains information about the convention along with the featured attendees. Stephen Bissette and Rick Veitch were present. I thought it was interesting that the back of the book has Veitch listed as a Swamp Thing artist and not a writer as well. By the time this convention occurred in’91, Veitch had departed the series and Nancy Collins was writing SwampThing.

The guest list on the first page (below) also omits Veitch having written Swamp Thing. Perhaps Veitch asked that he only be listed as an artist for the series since his departure from DC was less than ideal. An image of Swamp Thing, by Stephen Bissette can be found within the guest list.

Below are more photos from within the ‘91 Dallas Fantasy Fair book.

Along with the convention schedule and featured artists, the book contains many ads.

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