Day 6… Handcuffs

If new handcuffs don’t help spread holiday cheer, I just don’t know what does.
Welcome back for the 6th installment of, What’s in that imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar? So far we’ve uncovered 2 figures (Christmas Batman, Christmas Riddler) & 3 accessories (Batarang, Batarang Launcher & snowball). Swamp Thing still hasn’t shown his beautiful muck-encrusted face but I have hope that it’ll be soon. When Swamp Thing finally does appear within the calendar, I’ll be holding a Christmas giveaway so stay tuned!
Until then… it’s door #6.

These baby blues were behind door #6 and unfortunately they don’t fit Christmas Batman or Riddler. Its hard to get excited about handcuffs when you can’t use them, so our son decided to add them to the Christmas tree. Pairing the handcuffs with a blue light was all his doing.

Even though the cuffs aren’t very exciting to us big kids, our boy still had a blast opening the new door this evening. We’ve found that the calendar is a great way to end a long work day and to put a smile on his face. Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see you tomorrow for another reveal.

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