New Staff But Still No Swamp Thing

It’s December 7th and door #7 of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar has been unveiled. Swamp Thing is still a no show but that’s not going to stop us!’s also buying me more time to gather awesome Swamp Thing items for the big giveaway.

Today the Riddler’s staff appeared from behind door #7 and it provided way more fun than I expected. It’s nice to have more accessories for both Batman and the Riddler. Although, I can’t say that all the accessories are still in one piece and don’t have various bite marks. Players gonna play.

Our son felt that the staff was better used as a toothpick.
Note: For his safety, small toy parts did not remain in his mouth and he plays with them while supervised.

It’s no surprise that posting everyday is a challenge. But, it’s been a blast so far. I’m very thankful for my wife’s help with photos and opening the calendar. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up everyday without her help.

The Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar is proving to be a really fun way to end the year, for my family, as well as for 2023 will be the 10th year since starting this site and I’m glad it will be ushered in on such a fun note. Thank you again for stopping by. We’ll see you tomorrow for door #8.

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