‘Twas the 9th Before Christmas

It’s the 9th of December, I wonder when Swampy will come about,
A little boy has been stirring, hiding toys throughout the house,
We can no longer locate Batman, Riddler’s stuck in the Christmas tree,
Odds are we’ll find a figure tonight, let’s open a door and see!

A pattern is starting to emerge in the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. For every figure that is revealed, it is separated by 3 doors of accessories. The odds were good that a figure would be behind door #9 and there was! I present to you, Canadian Batgirl. I thought this was a Captain Canuck figure when I first saw it.

I’m more excited about this Batgirl figure than the Christmas Batman from December 1st. Our son is having a blast running around introducing Batgril to his other toys. She’s getting along really well with his oversized rubber dinosaurs.

We’re 9 days into December and I’m itching to see Christmas Light Swamp Thing.

There are 15 calendar doors left to open. Since the December 24th door is oversized compared to the others, it most likely houses Batman’s snowmobile/sled which can be seen on the front of the box. This means Swamp Thing will show up anywhere between December 10th through the 23rd. If you’d like to guess which door he’ll appear behind, leave a comment with your answer below. Whoever comes the closest will win a Swamp Thing related prize. If more than 1 person guess the correct door I’ll choose 1 of those people at random.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another reveal.

15 thoughts on “‘Twas the 9th Before Christmas

  1. I also have this set, so I don’t want to enter the contest because I COULD cheat (although I haven’t peeked!). So this isn’t a contest entry, just my guess for fun: I think he’ll show up on the 21st.

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