December 12th is for The Flash

We’re halfway through the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar and tonight we opened door #12. Swamp Thing hasn’t shown up yet but we did find another fun figure!

The Flash was behind door #12. His costume is similar to Batgirl, going with the red and white motif.

Flash showing up on the 12th deviates from the pattern I thought the calendar stuck to:1 figure followed by 3 doors of accessories, then 1 figure and so on. This might change how people guess when Swampy will arrive for the Swamp Thing giveaway. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit this post for more information, and to enter to win the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway.

Upon making his grand entrance from behind door #12, the Flash had his snow shoes strapped on.

He was later promoted to Fire Chief. It’s been a busy night for Flash and his fire dept. Thank you for swinging by and don’t forget to enter the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway.

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