The Captain Is In

Welcome back to another Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar reveal. The countdown to Christmas continues and everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for Swamp Thing to show up with his 8 flying reindeer. He had wings in the New 52 series, I don’t see why he couldn’t be accompanied by a few magical caribou once a year. He’d distribute presents in a much more efficient way than the traditional Santa. Anyway, obviously a great topic we can discuss another time.

If it feels colder than normal this evening it’s because Captain Cold emerged from behind door number #13.

The appearance of the Captain is extremely exciting. I bet kids around the world were just as excited in 2015 when the figure and snowball were originally released. I wish the large ice cannon (pictured below) was included in the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar as well.

Even though Captain Cold is making an encore appearance in this calendar, it could be his last.
As you can see from the photo below, Captain Cold was welcomed by the revealed Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar figures. But, the night took a turn for the worse.

If you get squeamish easily you may want to look away. Below are the last 2 photos taken of Captain Cold. As you can see, our closed circuit cameras were able to capture the moment the Captain was cornered against a large orange sofa. His cowl and freeze gun were removed and he appears to be pleading for his life.

Below is the only known photo of Captain Cold’s assailant. As you can see, Cold’s cowl has been left behind. His body, nowhere to be found. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful evening and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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