The Captain’s Robe & Giveaway Info

Welcome back for day/door #14 of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. December feels like it’s flying by but we’re thrilled to share a little of each day with you during the countdown to Christmas. We’re also excited for our Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway. To enter, I’ve been asking readers to comment on this site with the day/door they think Swamp Thing will show up. Whoever guesses correctly will be the winner. If multiple people guess the same correct day, I will choose one person at random from those who chose the correct day. If no one guesses the correct day, we’ll implement Price is Right rules (closest without going over). A winner will be announced the day after Swamp Thing shows his muck encrusted face in the advent calendar. What will you win? See the bottom of this post to find out. Now, back to door #14!

Captain Cold arrived yesterday evening behind door #13. He wasn’t looking very festive, as you can see from the image below. He’s the only figure within the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar that isn’t donning Christmas colors. I have high ho-ho-hopes that door #14 will help get the Captain in the Christmas spirit.

The excitement was palpable. Our son threw open door #14 faster than Santa can say “naughty” or “nice.”
The night was about to get a lot more festive. It’s a good thing the Captain is wearing his Gogo boots.

The Captain looks pretty good! He’s ready to hit the Christmas clubs. Captain Cold may be the most festive figure within the calendar so far. I hope he’s able to avoid freezing someone to death long enough to spread some good cheer.

I’m assuming this Christmas robe and head piece pairs with Captain Cold, but it could belong to Cyborg. I believe he’s the only other figure that could fit in the robe.

The image below is the back of the robe. Accessories can fit within the 2 plastic clips.

Now that Captain Cold is squared away for Christmas, let’s get back to the giveaway. Below is just one of the items that will be included in the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway. Topp-Serien #7, a Swedish edition from 1977. The book features Swamp Thing #15 (series 1). I was fortunate in finding an additional copy and am excited to share it with one lucky winner!

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