Not the Green I Wanted, but the Green We Needed

And the Spirit Award goes to, Green Lantern! Jessica Cruz has been put through the ringer this afternoon but her Christmas cheer and willingness to go on endless adventures with our son has been an heroic effort. Schools and Daycares were closed due to snow storms today and Green Lantern was the perfect winter companion this afternoon.
She has teeth marks all over her and is covered in slobber.

Welcome back to another Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar reveal. It’s the 16th day/door of December and everyone is holding strong with posting everyday. It’s truly a family effort and I appreciate my wife’s help very much. As you can see from the image above, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz was behind door #16. Of all the figures Green Lantern has been our son’s favorite figure to play with.

After the enthusiasm and adventures slowed down I was asked to explain what a Green Lantern was–pictured below. I undoubtedly provided some inaccurate info but I think I got the broadstrokes covered.

“On Christmas day, under colorful lights, no gift shall escape my sight. Let those who carol sing into the night, come one come all… spread cheer and delight!”

– I’m paraphrasing…

Thank you for stopping by the site and thank you for taking the time to enter the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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